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Whether thinking about selling your house or performing a remodeling project, many homeowners tend to remodel at least one of the areas on the list below. Almost all types of home remodels will most likely add a more enjoyable living environment, higher home value, and make it easier to sell your home to potential buyers in the future. Trust Craftsman Kitchen & Bath for all your home remodeling projects.

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1Kitchen Remodel

Trust CRAFTSMAN KITCHEN & BATH to turn your vision into reality! We are a full service, professional home remodeling company with the experience, expertise and contacts to transform your kitchen into an aesthetically pleasing, fully-functional space.


  3Living Spaces Remodel

If you'd like to learn more about the home additions built by CRAFTSMAN KITCHEN & BATH, contact us today, we are proud to serve the homeowners of Phoenix Arizona and the surrounding cities.


2Bathroom Remodel

CRAFTSMAN KITCHEN & BATH has years of experience as a full-service home remodeling professionals, and we can handle all aspects of the bathroom renovation you're dreaming of.


  4Exterior Remodel

Here at CRAFTSMAN KITCHEN & BATH, we specialize in creating stunning room additions for local homeowners that enhance the functionality of their homes and will look outstanding.